Darren and Dee

11th March 2016
For the past two years I've had Mini Sessions with one of my clients. They had six dogs, so every year I come and take photos of two of the dogs. The first year I took photos of the gorgeous Richie and Happy, a greyhound and a cattle dog mix (who have both unfortunately passed away since our session, but I will always be happy that I had the opportunity to photograph and meet them). Last year (well 2014) I took photos of Tucker and Bug, a pair of gorgeous greyhounds. This year my session was with Darren and Dee, another pair of greyhounds. This year was my last year because I finally made it through this fantastic group of dogs. It was nice getting to see everyone again, and I think Darren and Dee were happy to finally be in the spotlight (and Miss Bug was wondering why she wasn't). So with that...

First up was the gorgeous Darren. Our session was in June, so it was pretty hot. We took the dogs out one at a time so they wouldn't get too hot. This way only the people suffered. ;)

Darren wasn't sure what he thought of being the center of attention and in the spotlight, but he came around.

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

And like every session with greyhounds, it was my goal to get a running photo. The greyhound crew are older and don't always run. His owners weren't sure if Darren would run, but I lucked out yet again. Darren gave us the running we were looking for.

With the running photo, Darren was tired out and panting, so he got to go inside and cool off while Dee came out. Dee is adorable. Here she is pretending she's bashful, but in reality she is a total sweetheart.

She's also the proud owner of a "dipped in white paint" tail which deserved its own photo.

A client recently asked me what my favorite kind of dog to photograph was. I had to think about it some, and realized my answer was greyhounds. I love all dogs, I really do, but greyhounds in action are something else. They make running look so EFFORTLESS, despite the fact that they are flying and hitting speeds that other dogs struggle to reach. One of the coolest things about them, and part of the reason they are so fast is they have a run called a double-suspension gallop. Other dogs do have this form of running, but greyhounds (and other sighthounds) are the ones who are known for it. If you catch a dog pulling a double suspension, you can just be sure they are pretty quick in the dog world. So what is a double suspension gallop? Well like the name implies they are suspended (in the air) twice. Most dogs have one suspension moment, where all four feet are off the ground, but greyhounds have a second one. Luckily Dee, helped me get some photos of it. The photo below shows Dee in suspension one. You can see that Dee has all four feet above the ground while in the collection moment of her stride.

And here, photo two shows suspension two during the extension moment in her stride. Her front left paw is about to touch the ground here (but isn't). Pretty cool stuff. Thanks Dee for helping me get some photos of one of the coolest things about your breed! Also, in the event you were curious about that brindle greyhound behind her that is Bug. I was told Dee only runs when Bug is with her. Bug was happy to be released and get to be in a few more photos.

After all that running Dee was also happy to go back inside and cool off. While I chatted with their owners I snagged a few more photos of Darren and Dee. Here's Darren.

And here's one last photo of Dee. I nearly forgot to mention that Dee is special needs and almost didn't get a home. She was going to end up staying with her rescue (in a home). She had a problem with her eyes not making enough tears to keep them hydrated, so she had to have a surgery where they moved some of her saliva glands and rerouted them to her eyes. She has to get a treat every few hours, which causes her to slobber, which causes her eyes to moisten (and sometimes need to be wiped, because it can get a bit excessive). Luckily her owners are awesome, and despite the fact she has to have a treat every couple of hours (and I think some other things need to be done every day as well) they were willing to take her in.

That's it in the way of photos for this blog post! I've enjoyed photographing the greyhound gang over the years, and any greyhound owners out there now know that they have a quick way to my heart for having a blast during the session. But don't feel left out non-greyhound owners, I have a blast at every session.

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Photo comment By Nana: Love seeing my favorite granddaughter on her favorite social media. Memphis Mutts
Photo comment By marilyn varnberg: Beautiful dogs!! Best dog owners in the world!! And an awesome photographer. Thank you all....

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