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The Memphis Mutts Pet Photography Facebook page, allows you to keep up with the latest pictures and updates. It typically takes me a while to write a blog post since, I feel I need an actual story to write one, so if you want nearly daily pictures, please "like us on Facebook."
Memphis Mutts Pet Photography Instagram Account
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What a Pet Wants Pet Sitting
What a Pet Wants Pet Sitting is the business my mom started due to my love of animals. It gave me the opportunity to work with animals and grow my love for them even more. Pet sitting works by having someone come to your house and take care of your animals instead of kenneling them, and while it can be worrisome to allow a stranger into your home, What a Pet Wants is bonded and insured to guarantee that your home will be safe.
Feed Real
Feed Real is a monthly subscription service that delivers single ingredient dog chews and treats to your dog. If you feed your dogs a raw diet (like I do) you'll probably really enjoy this service. If you don't, you're dogs will probably still love it! It is charged month by month so you can easily cancel if it isn't the fit for you. I sometimes use the treats I get from this box for photography session as dogs seem to always love the treats from this company!
Not sure what a BarkBox is? Well check out this blog post for more information on what they are and how awesome they are. The short answer is a monthly subscription service.
Walk for a Dog App (Wooftrax)
The Walk for a Dog app is one I personally use every time I walk Brittany and Bello. It donates money to the shelter or rescue of your choice for every mile you walk. It is a good way to also track how far you are walking, and keeps you honest about how often you actually walk your dogs (I walk the dogs more now that I can look and see when I've missed). It takes only a few seconds to turn it on before your walk and turn it off at the end. And in the middle you are helping rescues get ever needed money!
AmazonSmile is the exact same website as, except for when you shop through AmazonSmile you donate money to a cause of your choice with every purchase. I personally donate to Dogs 2nd Chance (link below), but it doesn't have to be an animal rescue. You don't pay any more, so really there is no reason not to shop through AmazonSmile!
Karma Collars
Karma Collars are custom hand made leather dog collars. They are of awesome quality and meant for every day use. Brittany and Bello both have one (origin tag holders for both of them as well as a leash) and they are holding up well despite the chaos that the two terriers attempt to inflict on them. Despite swimming in them, hiking, and playing they are still look awesome and Bello's (a brown one) has not discolored his fur at all. I wish I had more dogs just to give me an excuse to buy more of them. Unfortunately I don't think the bigger cooler collars will look as good on them so I can't justify buying them. ;)
Mad Dog Metalworks
Britt and Bello both have custom dog tags made by Mad Dog Metalworks, they take a while to arrive, but they are way lighter then they appear and the fun of them is putting custom sayings on them.
Memphis Pets Alive! Facebook Page
Memphis Pets Alive! is a group dedicated to taking pictures of animals at the Memphis Animal Shelter and trying to help get them out of the shelter. I'm not a photographer for them, but they are wonderful at helping the dogs and cats, giving them a shot that they wouldn't have without them. So if you are looking for a new furry member for the family, check out their albums for dogs and cats currently at the shelter.
Paws and Claws Photography for Tipton County Animal Shelter
A photography group dedicated to photographing the dogs and cats at the Tipton County Animal Shelter. I don't photograph for them, but they work extremely hard and have been a large part of the reason the Tipton County Animal Shelter has had a large reduction in the amount of animals killed every year at this shelter. Without their page, I would have never convinced my Grandpa to adopt his dog because I wouldn't have known she was there.
Dogs 2nd Chance
Dogs 2nd Chance is a local rescue located in Memphis that I work with. I encourage you to take a look at their animals and please consider adopting one. Every adoption allows them to help another dog. :)