Max and Maddie

07th February 2016
I can't believe it has taken me so long to post this blog post, it has been on my to do list for quite a while. I had this session with Maddie and Max all the way back on May 1, 2015 when spring was in the air and gorgeous flowers were blooming. If any of you were/are followers of the Memphis Mutts Facebook page, you probably saw some photos of my personal dogs in a field of amazing red flowers. When I posted the photo I tried to say where the location was because I doubted I'd have any sessions there since it was a field of unknown ownership, right next to some busy roads, and I was terrified people would mow down the flowers (you have no idea how often that happens to me, I see a pretty flower filled field only to go get some photos with my mutts and find it has been mowed... they always look worse). About two days after that post, Maddie and Max's owner contacted me wanting to get some photos of Maddie ASAP who was ill (and they weren't sure how much longer she'd be with them). One of the things her owner, Rose, requested was flowers. I had the perfect spot, so we met there with fingers crossed that the field would be unmowed. Luck was on our side and the Crimson Clover (that is what it is called in the event you are curious) was still standing.

Without further delay (because I've delayed into the New Year) ON TO THE PHOTOS!

First up is the wonderful Maddie in some yellow flowers that we had to walk through before the Crimson Clover. Maddie is a shepherd-y mutt, and at the time of our session was 14 years old.

And here are a few of Max who wasn't sure if he liked being the focus of my camera, but did come around some thanks to treats. I think he was happy that Maddie was meant to be the focus of our session and he didn't have to be the center of attention very often. Max is a lab mutt thing who was 9 years old at the time of our session (I think, Rose wasn't positive of his age).

Maddie wasn't steady on her feet any more thanks to being sick, so she had to be carried (thankfully Rose's husband, Jim, was along with us and could carry her where we needed her to be). Once we got her where she needed to go though, she looked beautiful while modeling.

It was a hot day so Max decided that between his turns (and during) he'd lay down and try to cool off.

Rose also brought a bubble machine to provide some more interest to the photos since we knew walking around much wasn't going to be an option in this case. Both Maddie and Max were not impressed with the bubbles, but I did end up buying one when I got home because I thought it was fun.

Rose also wanted a few photos of Maddie and Max together.

While taking the photos and saying hello to everybody, I realized that Maddie had an awesome leather collar with custom tags decorating it. In the event you weren't aware, I love leather collars and custom tags so I was pretty in love with it. Thankfully it sums up Maddie's personality (which is why Rose bought it and created the sayings on the tags!) and was a collar Maddie had been wearing for years so I had an excuse to take a photo with the collar being the main focus. I was told her collar was made by Paco Collars and the tags were by Fetching Tags if you want to check either of them out.

The last photo is one that Rose wanted the most. On the homepage of my website (which is where you are right now!) there is a close up photo of a Golden Retriever (her name is Shelby in the event you are curious) with just her eyes. Rose was in love with it and wanted a photo just like that of Maddie, but also wanted a kiss on her forehead. It turns out getting a perfect looking kiss is harder than you'd think, but with the help of Photoshop, the kiss was cleaned up and made to look closer to what Rose was expecting.

Despite the heat, I think we had a pretty good session! Maddie, who at the time Rose wasn't sure would even still be with her by the end up the week, ended up passing away on June 23rd, 2015, with help, which was nearly two months after our session. I know Rose was thankful for that time with sweet Maddie.

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Photo comment By Carole Abernathy: I love Maddie's eye makeup. The kiss that Max got on the forehead is a lovely color

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