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BarkBoxes and Bello Birthdays
23rd August 2013 - 0 comments
Yesterday the dogs recieved their monthly BarkBox, which they have been getting for three months. Originally they started getting them because I left for Germany and well, who was going to buy them toys they don't need and treats they really want? No one that's who! So their first box came while I was out of country to let them know I still loved them (though it probably seemed like my mom loved them since she opened it, and gave them everything inside).

So what is a BarkBox? Well its a monthly box that you get filled with toys and treats and other things. It's a bit like Russian Roulette since you don't know what you are getting in it (that's part of the fun in my opinion), but you do know the products inside are of high quality and typically American made. Typically there are around five items inside. It depends on the size, there might be more, there might be less.

Admittedly this post has an ulterior motive (though, I guess it doesn't if I TELL you). You see, if I can convince people to sign them up and get them for their own dog, then I can earn a free box, so if you decide you want one use this here link:

That link gets you five dollars off your subscription and earns Brittany and Bello a free box (THINK OF THE DOGS!). And because I'm being nice, if your dogs are BarkBox recievers, feel free to comment and leave YOUR link which people can use to get YOU a free box as opposed to me. Afterall, some might read this post and be like "Dang it Erica, now I want a box, but I'm mad at you for making me want one so I don't want to support you and your evilness!" Well, you can scroll down and help someone else out give them a free box and still get five dollars off (and I'll just cry). You don't have to be a past customer to comment, I won't harrass you to do a session with me (though you should, I would love to meet your pets, they don't even need to be dogs, I love all animals!), just niceness.

So on to the pictures to convince you to get a BarkBox... er... show you how cool they are:
I'm always excited to see them on the porch!

And the dogs are not typically excited by them because honestly, we get a lot of packages and they haven't learned yet that these are specifically for them. But that doesn't mean I can't make it look like they are excited and send them to sniff it!

So you open the box and there is a card that lists the places the things inside came from so you can purchase more from the select companies if you so choose, and normally some writing from the BarkBox company that in all honesty I don't read. I do save the cards though incase I want to purchase more from the companies.

AND UNDER THAT CARD is a bunch of stuff that when you move it around you wonder how the people of BarkBox managed to fit all in and you realize they must be expert tetris players.

So first was this dolphin which floats and is meant for playing in water (hence, a dolphin) but also has squeakers in it for the non swimming dogs and s ball in rope inside, which you can feel and see if your dogs destroy the toy, Britt and Bello have yet to do that (mainly because I keep water toys in protective custody). This toy is pretty awesome and when I was at Hollywood Feed yesterday they were selling them for $11.99. This is where I inform you that BarkBoxes are a good deal (when you go with six month subscription at least) because you all this stuff SHIPPED to your house for only $19.99 a month. And just this toy would have cost me over half that price, and we are only at one item. Anyway, this is from Aussie Naturals dog toys if you would like one of your own.

And then there are dog treats, which I was actually planning to buy because Britt and Bello had never had them before and they are spoiled like that. Luckily the box came before I went to Hollywood Feed and bought them myself.
Plato Pet Treats

And MORE DOG TREATS. These are freeze dried turkey liver. I don't know if you have ever bought freeze dried dog treats, but I have and they are expensive. The dogs and I had fun training last night using them. No new tricks though(we will be working on some new tricks later once I finish this post). They loved them and wished they could get them for free. NOPE those are for training only. Sorry dogs.
Primal Pet Treats

And some stuff you sprinkle on your dog's food to make them want to eat it. It is made out of ground up bully sticks. Bully sticks are awesome and something I buy on occasion for Brittany and Bello (you'll see Bello chewing on a non-ground up one later). It will take us awhile to get through this because the dogs don't eat kibble, they eat raw, and don't honestly need much encouragement to eat (in fact this would probably distract Bello and he would NOT eat). Who knows, we might use it for training as well. You see Britt carrying a cat toy. When she's excited I'm home she picks up a toy and won't put it down until someone takes it from her. She doesn't want to play fetch though. And I'm not kidding about taking it from her. She's held a toy in her mouth for over an hour because I occasionally perform experiments. ;)

A little packet of freeze dried stuff that you put water in and can freeze to make popsicles or can give as a hot broth.
The Honest Kitchen

Unfortunately there is no NeighBox or MeowBox or ChirpBox or anything like that. BarkBox is biased towards dogs. But, if you have cats they can have fun as well. You know... cats and boxes... and I have four cats. The box is almost always left out for a week after getting it so the cats can all enjoy it in their cat like way.
Storm was the first in the box.

And Sammy came up to help him.

And Sabrina being the queen of the BarkBox.

And a picture of Sabastian who did lay in the box, but I didn't get a picture of him. And yeah, for those that don't know, all the cats are black and have S names on purpose (and so is the misspelling of Sabastian). We aren't superstitious at my house.

So yeah, this is your BarkBoxes are awesome post and you should get one using this here link:
Or if anyone posts some in the comments, use there link (no use mine).

But wait, there's more! Not about BarkBox, but there is a second part to the title "and Bello Birthdays." IT'S BELLO'S BIRTHDAY. Well actually it is his gotcha day. Three years ago today I adopted him from Waverly Animal Shelter. He was around 8 months old and had been at the shelter for over a month. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Such a pretty and awesomely behaved dog was in the shelter for a MONTH.

We didn't do much for his Gotchaday. He got some presents, and ate some stuff, and eventually I will take him for a walk (which I would do regardless of his birthday) and do some training because Bello likes training. Oh and I took him to Taco Bell and shared a LITTLE bit with him. I would have brought him to a park, but we went to the park yesterday to play with the dolphin toy and a ChuckIt! Water Skimmer that I bought. The water skimmer is actually pretty awesome (and off topic). I loved it. It goes so far. SKIMS RIGHT ACROSS THAT WATER. And... Brittany would lose sight of it. She follows the splash of things she fetches (she's a waterholic) and would swim out to the orignal place the skimmer hit the water but wouldn't see it. It didn't help that it was close to dark and eventually she really did lose it and there was nothing I could do to get her going the right direction, it went further than all the others and I couldn't throw anything far enough out to get her to go to it (that's my normal trick, throw a rock by the lost toy and she'll see the toy and get it). So we had to leave it in the middle of the lake and return at 1 a.m. where it had finally floated to the edge of the lake and I could get it out. Its a cool toy though, just make sure you are somewhere where YOU can swim to get it if the dog loses it. So back on topic now, Bello actually went to the park twice yesterday. No park today because of it. I'm sick of the park.

Here is Bello with his haul. Chewing on a bully stick, with two toys he thought were boring (typical), some Orijen dog food (which I use as dog treats, and Bello loves since he doesn't get it for meals) and some Orijen freeze dried dog treats.

He (and Brittany) also got that freeze dried mix packet thing. I mixed it up, put a peice of freeze dried liver on top, and sprinkled the ground bully stick on it. They liked that (for the most part).

And then they both got dinner, I put some Orijen kibble on their food and the ground bully stick. You know most dogs would think that giant chunk of meat was the prize of the day, but Bello ate that last and acted like I was horrible person for not giving him all dog food. I swear. SORRY I GAVE YOU 10 OUNCES OF BEEF BELLO.

So that's the end of this blog post that seemed to be nothing but endorsement for products that aren't mine. Tomorrow your regurarly scheduled programming will return (on the Memphis Mutts Facebook page) featuring adorable pictures of Womack the six month old Boxer puppy! Until tomorrow here's a picture a Sabastian and Sabrina playing with the bag I got Bello's toys in.
Gift Certificates on Sale! Perfect for Animal Lovers
26th November 2012 - 0 comments
***Don't forget about Jinx who would love a home for the holidays.***

A Giveaway and an Auction
As promised, I'm doing a blog post on what needs to be done to purchase a gift certificate. But first, let me once again remind everyone of the Dogs 2nd Chance giveaway that is going on. The winner will be announced this Friday. All it takes a dollar to have your name entered into the drawing to win. All proceeds benefit Dogs 2nd Chance, and they currently have a lot of dogs so any amount of money would be VERY helpful. Don't procrastinate, though I know it is tempting, time is almost up! And the money has to be to them by the time of the drawing.

The winner was announced, congratulations to Ashley Howell!

Like Dogs 2nd Chance on Facebook and/or visit their website! Check out all those cute adoptable dogs.

If you miss this give away, a Memphis Mutts Mini Session will be auctioned off on December 9th through Midsouth Spay and Neuter. Once again, all proceeds benefit them so that they can keep their spay and neuter prices low for those that cannot typically afford it. Bear in mind, Midsouth Spay and Neuter is an auction and not a drawing like Dogs 2nd Chance's so there is not the possibility to get it as cheaply.

Visit Midsouth Spay and Neuter for more information on their awesome program!

Gift Certificates
Okay, now on to those gift certificates which is what this blog post is supposed to be about. I have 60 available though a few will be going to Midsouth Spay and Neuter for their auction. They make a great present to animal lovers if you aren't quite sure what to get a friend or family member. There are two designs to choose from, one starring Brittany, and one starring Bello. Because you know me, I have to keep things fair between my two mutts. You can either specify that which card you want, or leave it up to random surprise. And who doesn't love surprises!

Brittany's card:

Bello's card:

Quick Facts About the Gift Certificates:
*There is a minimum amount of 20 dollars to purchase a gift certificate.
*You do not have to pay for a whole session.
*If you decide to purchase a session, specify that you are buying a session and not a dollar amount.
*Purchasing a session guarantees that the price will stay the same at the time of purchase, regardless of if my prices go up.
*Gift certificates do not have an expiration date and do not loose value over time.
*I need information on who the gift certificate is for and who is buying it, along with the amount purchased to keep in my records. If for some reason this is meant to be anonymous, I will not reveal the information to the receiver of the certificate.
*Gift Certificates will be mailed. It can be mailed directly to the person receiving the certificate, or it can be mailed to the giver. It is up to you.
*I can wait to mail them until closer to Christmas.
*Mail all cash and checks (make checks out to Memphis Mutts Pet Photography) to:
Memphis Mutts Pet Photography
P.O. Box 162
Ellendale, TN 38029

Please include the information such as who it is intended for, who YOU are, the amount of money (if it is intended as a session or not), whether you wish to remain anonymous or not, the address of who it will be sent to, if I need to wait with mailing it out, and your phone number or email in the event that I need to contact you over some issue.

If there are any questions I can be reached at, through the contact page, through Facebook, and at 901.337.4733 by either call or text. You can also use telepathy, but if I don't respond to you within a day, then you should try again using one of the above methods. ;)

I am working on getting a PayPal option up, and will update this blog (and Facebook) as soon as that happens, I apologize for any inconveniences.

NOW, ONTO THE PICTURES. Because what sort of blog post would this be without some pictures (besides those above, which don't really count). They aren't the greatest due to low light, but hey, who doesn't love pictures? Its not always about the quality.

I had to get lights out for the making of the cards, which I did use (on the back which is not pictured). All of my cats had to go explore them.
Storm was first to help out.

Then Sabrina.

Then Sammy, who I failed to get a picture, and then lastly, Sabastian.

Brittany and Bello did awesome as models. I don't typically ask them to do weird things like sport a Santa hat or let me hang ornaments from their coat. But they were willing as long as I held a treat in my hand.

Well, Bello was MOSTLY willing. He didn't like the one over his eye and in response, attempted to get it off.

By the end he was down to only three. Aren't his ear rings adorable. ;D

Bello for once, gets credit for being more patient then Brittany, because unlike Britt, he couldn't take breaks. I tried to move as fast I could before he got completely annoyed and left. The ones who had the most fun in the scenario were the cats.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Which is where you need to be to get the most photos and updates.
From Homeless to TV
21st October 2012 - 0 comments
He was in need of a foster home, ended up his foster was his permanent home. Or even better a permanent home. For anyone that has read every blog post I've written (or at least the first one) you have seen a picture of Jinx. And Jinx is the subject of this blog post.

Jinx is a male chow mix that all the way back in mid February was dumped outside in Arlington, TN along with his two sisters. He's the one in focus, and his two sisters in the background, Paint and Feather.

I live in Bartlett, but stumbled upon the trio when I was headed to a friend's surprise party. I wanted to help them, but then forgot about them in the swing of school and what not. My friend reminded me about them being out there, so on February 29th, armed with treats, a camera, and two friends we went out there to gain trust and hopefully get them into a rescue. We listed them on Craigslist and continued for the next week to feed them treats. Slowly but surely we were able to touch them all. Jinx was the slowest to come around. It wasn't his fault, unlike his sisters he was injured and couldn't dash away in a hurry if we tried anything funny, like attempting to catch him.

He made sure to keep a healthy distance away from us, and while Paint and Feather would more or less stay with us the entire time we were there, Jinx would stick around for about ten minutes, and then go off on his own.

He often guarded the food and water that neighbor's left for the trio. Which originally made me not like him. I felt like he was mean. Now I realize that it was because of how easily Paint and Feather could shove him out of the way with his injured leg. He answered it with aggression. And even then, his sisters still weighed more than him.

He often looked like he was upset, but more than likely this was from the pain of his leg. I still have no idea what happened to him. I have a feeling he was hit by a car, but it is nothing more than a guess.

On March 4th, I went out to visit them on the weekend and got news from the pastor of the church they were located at, that Memphis Animal Services had been called to come get them. I feel most of us know that MAS is NOT a place for three very nervous dogs to stand a chance of getting adopted. I wanted to throw up at that news. I feared that they would be part of the 70% of animals killed every year, and who knows what abuse they would have suffered in the mean time.

Low and behold MAS came out on March 5th, luckily while we were out handing out treats to our trio of new canine friends. Everyone was close to us, including Jinx. They gave us until the next afternoon to catch the Paint, Feather, and Jinx. We managed to catch Feather, and it was with fear in out hearts that we left Paint and Jinx. MAS set up a live trap on March 7th. Paint couldn't resist the urge to grab the food inside and became trapped on March 8th. Luckily for her, my friend realized she was in it, and called me. I then had the sisters, but no Jinx, who was sly and a quick learner. On Friday (March 9th) I went out to visit Jinx, and to my horror he was missing, and the live trap was gone. So to MAS I went. No Jinx. They mentioned he could still be on the truck, or somewhere not seen.

Luckily that night, my friend who lived out there texted me and told me he had seen Jinx. My hands were full with Paint and Feather, and I struggled to keep making trips out to see Jinx, often times I came out for about ten minutes, dumped him some food, talked to him a bit, and then raced off for home. Luckily Jinx had plenty of people feeding him, so I didn't fear missing a day or two.

His leg healed up, and he was happy when I showed up, wagging his tail and doing a little dance around my car, but never getting close enough for me to touch him.

He gained weight, and actually went to being a bit overweight. All wonderful news.

I finally found a rescue willing to take Paint and Feather in Missouri:SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance. They were set to take the girls on April 22nd, and were willing to take Jinx too... if I could catch him. So that weekend before they left I took the girls out to see their brother. Paint and Feather were so awesome, that they had gone from untouchable to trustworthy offleash in just under two months. I can say that it brought tears to my eyes seeing the family back together. Jinx was so happy and was running and playing with them. He also started getting close to me again, thanks to his sisters coming to me continually for the affection that they always craved. I had a large kennel that the awesome Leslie Cox let me borrow, that Paint and Feather had been staying in, but was to be used to catch Jinx, armed with that kennel and food I set it up in the middle of the church parking lot and hoped Jinx would go in. Paint and Feather went in. The one time Jinx got near it, in the hours I was out there for two days, Paint tripped over a string holding the door wide open, causing it to swing towards Jinx, and freak him out.

I cried, I cussed, I swore, when I finally called it quits and took Paint and Feather back home and had to admit defeat AGAIN. Jinx was so upset seeing his sisters leave. He ran around my car, as I put them up, and in a final chance of hope, I opened the door for him, hoping with all my heart he would jump in. A quick glance over to your scroll bar, will reveal that this story is no where near over, and the answer was NO. He did not jump in my car. All I can say is I was happy he got to see his sisters one last time.

So with Paint and Feather gone, my life got a bit easier, I still went out to see Jinx, but no where near as often as when they were all out there. Leslie allowed me to put her kennel out there for Jinx with a tarp over it as a form of shelter, and whenever I came out to see him, I put his food in it just trying to get him used to going into the kennel, so that if I ever found a rescue or home willing to take Jinx, he would be used to the kennel this time around. Unfortunately, my ability to catch him and foster him ended so he continued living outside.

He lived in the woods, where his kennel was. He had a path worn into the ground that I could follow, but you had to know it was there. During his time in the woods, he got attacked by something that left him bloody and me once again worried about him. I reminded him, that if he would let me touch him, I could have cleaned his wounds. But once again, he healed up on his own.

Jinx and the entrance to his path in the woods:

He got fed probably better than most dogs. When I visited he got cheeseburgers, fries, and cheese sticks. The many neighbors in the area brought him dog food, and left overs such as pancakes. Its no wonder he became over weight. ;D It wasn't the healthiest, but I can't say he wasn't loved by a lot of people, and they all worried about him. I think that was part of the reason when in April I struggled to catch him, he didn't have to worry about going hungry because so MANY people fed him. He didn't depend on the trap for food.

As summer kicked in (Yeah, he was out there for that long) I slowly visited less and less. From once a week. To every two weeks, and then a few stints of every three weeks. Going out there more or less, just to make sure he wasn't loosing weight, meaning people had stopped feeding him. In that time zone he started wandering a bit, when before he had NEVER left the church.

(from here on out, the pictures are not mine and belong to his foster mom Whitney)
Leslie came out because she needed her kennel back (and I had stupidly and rudely not kept her up to date on what was going on with him) and realized he was still there. Leslie managed to catch him in a live trap in the beginning of September at 12:30 in the morning. After 7 months of living outside, Jinx finally got to sleep indoors. Though I can't say he was thrilled about it.

Jinx in the trap:

Jinx at the vet's office, where he was given a clean bill of health. He had managed to not get heartworms, had bloodwork done, was given all of his shots, and finally neutered. Understandably, the poor boy was terrified. But he never acted aggressively, he just shut down and accepted it.

So after that wonderful news he went home to his foster mom, around September 3rd. Whitney was only supposed to be a short term foster home while she looked for a long term foster or forever home. She posted pictures of him online. At first in his pictures he was timid, but slowly he appeared to come out of his shell.

He even got along with both of her dogs perfectly. In fact the presence of other dogs made him feel safer.

As time wore on, and still no one was having any interest in Jinx, the opportunity came along for Jinx to go on TV, which ideally would have boosted his chances at getting adopted.

Jinx on the set of Good Morning Memphis:

A link to Jinx's TV premier.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that he is awesome with other dogs, has had very few accidents becoming an inside dog, up to date on shots, neutered, heartworm negative, a good size at around 45 pounds, and not aggressive at all, no one has been interested in him. Jinx is really in need of a long term foster home or forever home. I understand completely why Whitney can't keep him and never meant to have him for as long as she has now had him. She was helping an unwanted dog, and with him at her house it is making life more difficult for her. So if you think you can open up your heart to a dog that has been through more than most, and all he needs is a little time to become the lover he is to those he knows well, please contact Whitney at: deleted

Info about Jinx according to Whitney:
"No aggression whatsoever, even at the vet's office. At first we had to carry him everywhere because when you would leash him he would freeze up. Now you can leash him and he will move some. He will dart off a short distance while on the leash then stop, then dart off's a big improvement from when we first got him. Literally had to carry him everywhere when trying to get him to move somewhere. When you pick him up he just freezes up and lets you carry him. Despite being shy and not leash trained yet, he is by far the easiest dog that I have ever cared for. I can put a harness on him too, which requires me to lift one of his legs up to put it through the loop and he does fine with that too.

I have a large crate/kennel that he likes to sleep in. I took the door off of it and draped a sheet over the top of it to cover the sides and back, so it is nice and dark in there. I think he feels safe in there. I don't close him in there, just let him go in and out as he pleases. He spends a lot of time in there. He likes to have his rawhide bone in there with him.

He is really shy and quiet (has not barked once since I've had him), He is submissive, does better when he is around other dogs, so really needs to go to a home that has dogs

He is house broken; has had no accidents in house. He needs an owner who is willing to continue his training (leash, etc).

I think he would do fine with kids, but it would probably be best for him to go to a home without multiple young children because kids trying to pet on him and squeeze him or getting really excited around him might overwhelm him."

He was on the news in Memphis and he did great in the studio. You could tell he was shy and unsure about everything going on around him; but, he let everyone (news anchors, weatherman, camera guys, etc.) pet him and love on him."
Foster Home FOUND For Still Nursing Kittens
28th August 2012 - 0 comments
-these little jewels luckily found someone with experience raising a little of nursing babies, i don't know if i will be able to get updated photos, but i'm happy for them, now you may continue to the blog post before they had a place to go-

Fostering is complete with six, two week old kittens. Mother not included.

And now you see the problem. Some jerk dumped out a litter of kittens in a parking lot. Unfortunately that litter of kittens is not old enough to eat dry food and still needs to be nursed, which means getting up about every 1-2 hours to bottle feed them and then wiping their hind ends to encourage them to go to the bathroom. My friend, Shellee, was called to help and she went and got them since the alternative was more or less leaving them there since the shelter said they don't take nursing kittens. The problem is that despite my friend's attempt to help, she is a full time college student with a job, leaving her away from home more than she is there, and making it nearly impossible to feed them as much as required. So she's contacting rescues, and I'm trying my hardest to help her out. So if you could find it in your heart to say yes, I accept the challange of bottle feeding a litter of kittens, that would be awesome. Because right now, life isn't looking to awesome for them. Humans got them into this mess. Come on people. Don't try and convince me to loose faith in humanity. Help me out. Prove that people are decent.

"But Erica" you yell at your computer, "why don't YOU take them?"

I would. Believe me. But I am in nearly the same boat as her. Full time college student with a job. There is also the added fun time bonus that both of us still live at home with parents who want to strangle us every time we bring home a stray animal. And yeah. The two of us are those children that bring them home regardless of the consequences. But this time, the problem is ability. And neither of us have that.

So please, look at these pictures, and know that they need someone to desperately help them.

These pictures aren't the best quality, and my typical rule is not to show my crappy photos where lighting wasn't ideal. But I'm trying to show you the adorablness that is these kittens, so that your knees weaken and you can't resist raising them. LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE BLACK SPOTS.

Thanks for looking, and if you know anyone willing to take them the please share this with them. And even if you don't still consider sharing on facebook.
Slowly Building
04th July 2012 - 0 comments
I've been slowly getting everything necessary to run a business: website, business cards, advertising for my car, Facebook page. Well obviously, if you are here this proves that I have a website. "But what about all that other stuff?!" You call in horror. Well ladies and gents, I have all that too. Please allow me to take you on a magical journey as we discover that I actually have this all done. -small round of applause-

-magical clouds part-
And here is stage one of my business card. Bello is staring on the front. Hoping to get some more printed with Britt on the front. Oh, and that's me holding them.

And Bello is starring with just the front. Took some treats too convince him that the business card wasn’t a foreign alien hell bent on laying eggs in his paw. BUT AFTER THAT. After I convinced him that it was just a small chunk of paper, he became bored. The thanks I get for allowing him to be the star of the card.

And Brittany with the back of the card. She didn’t act like I was an axe murderer when I leaned the card on her paw.

-clouds close in again-
-clouds part again-
A few days later, my window decal came in the mail. I was so excited that I washed the window and immediately tried to put it on. Well my window is concave and I made the stupid decision to try and put it on during this ‘amazing’ 100+ heat. It kept having issues and by the end of it my excitement had died, and I just wanted the stupid thing on.

It turned out well, but if I have any advice for future business owners, get it put on professionally, or at the very least DON’T put it on when it is 100 degrees out.
Brittany demonstrating how NOT to travel with your dog, and she did it by barking, walking around and getting a few more scratches on the car. That’ll teach me to use her as a model. And let me just take this moment to remind everyone please don’t leave your dogs in the car in this heat, even for five minutes or with the windows cracked.

I also finally got a Memphis Mutts Pet Photography Facebook page. And here is the current timeline picture:

To keep up with the adventures a bit better and get the latest pictures, you should definitely go like the Memphis Mutts facebook page: