Prices and Sessions

Session Prices:

Session prices are only for the actual session, they do not include any prints or digital copies of the photos. Prints and other goods are available for purchase after the session. For a list of print products, information about those products, and pricing please click here:

Some people get a little annoyed that session fees do not include any prints, but a lot of post work goes into making a photo great. The session fee, pays for not only my time taking the photos, but also the time it takes to edit them. While we may spend an hour or two together for our session, I typically spend several more hours behind my computer screen editing the photos until they are worthy of being called artwork and hanging proudly on walls. Scattered through out the rest of this page I have examples of a photo I took "straight out of camera" and then the after, which is the version my clients receive. Some of these are above average examples and some are average (just a leash removal and slight color changes).

Normal Sessions
Ultra Session: $500 sitting fee
The sitting fee pays for my time and will give you access to a private gallery of 60 pictures. Up to four animals are allowed in the session. With the Ultra Session, you are in charge of where we get to go, and also have the ability to go to up to three different locations. Need help deciding? That's what I'm here for! Typically we start at home for photos of your pet where you see them most often, head some where else for some posed pictures (Arlington's train station is a good one), and finish off the session at a park for some fun, running around, and getting dirty pictures.

Standard Session: $250 sitting fee
Gives you access to a private gallery of 25 pictures and is good for up to three animals. You get to choose where we go! (only one location)

Mini Session: $125 sitting fee
Gives you access to a private gallery of 12 pictures and is good for up to two animals. I choose the location, although for some animals (such as cats who need to stay at home) exceptions will be made.

Special Sessions
Rescues: $0 sitting fee
Are you a rescue needing photography done to help get animals in your care adopted quicker? There is no charge, I'll take photos for free as long as we can arrange a time and place to meet. I aim to get a body shot, portrait, and some sort of "personality" shot per dog, but often I give more than three photos per rescue dog. Digital files of the photos taken are provided for free.

About the Session:
Pictures should be taken where your pet feels comfortable, typically outside or at home. Pictures will NOT be taken at a studio. Parks can be a fantastic place such as Shelby Farms, Overton Park, etc.

If you want/need the pictures to take place primarily inside then it is best to have the house cleaned how you would like for it to appear in the pictures. All windows should have the curtains/blinds open to allow as much light in as possible. I have a flash available, but I try to minimize its use as just like humans, pets don't like being blinded.

Sessions are taken during day light hours. If weather is not permitting, sessions will be rescheduled at no extra charge.

Many dogs don't have the best recall, my Bello included. For those dogs that cannot be off leash, safety comes first. Long leads will be provided so your dog can have the freedom to roam while pictures are being taken. Leashes can (and most likely will) be cloned out from pictures when they take away from the overall composition during editing.

Healthy treats and toys will be provided to keep the interest up during the session.

Plan for the Standard and Mini Sessions to last about two hours. The Ultra Session could last longer than four hours. Pictures will be edited within two weeks to a month of the session. After the pictures are edited, a link will be emailed to you where you can access your own photo gallery online, along with a list of prices to order prints.