Samson and Emma

09th October 2015
So in my efforts to catch up with session blog posts, this session is devoted to the gorgeous Samson and Emma. Both of them are golden retrievers and just as sweet as the stereotype says they are. The whole family came and we had a bunch of fun getting family photos. Our session was five months ago in April, so we had spring weather freshly arriving and flowers and lovely green to compliment those pretty gold coats.

We met at my favorite park in Lakeland, and as we walked around the park, we stopped to get some photos of them in the gorgeous light. Say hello to Samson!

And say hello to Emma!

We walked around the lake and as we were walking, I snagged this photo of Emma. Unfortunately, because we were in the process of walking, the family was not exactly posed, so I ended up editing them out.

We also got a family photo of everyone walking together.

We then got to the long grass. Samson and Emma thought running in it was a blast, and this is when they started thinking this photography session was a ton of fun.

And Samson may or may not have turned into a rabbit for a bit.

You would think I would have learned from my last session with a golden retriever (T-bone), but they tricked us and ran into the water when we thought they wouldn't. I forgive the retrievers for being water lovers like they were bred to be. I mean, look at this face. How in the world could anyone on this planet be mad at him?

Or this face for the matter? (Because they are a duo, and of course, both ran into the water, not just one of them).

We went and took some more family photos, and then headed back to the pond because NOW we were actually ready for water photos. Both were pretty excited to stop posing and just get to be dogs. Here Samson was diving into the water after a stick.

At first Samson and Emma didn't get the idea of fetch. They would swim out after the stick, and then swim back to us without it. Here Emma demonstrates the lack of retrieving.

Samson started to figure it out first (he's more outgoing than Emma is) complete with hilarious expressions.

Emma refused to be left out though. Samson was having too much fun with that stick, and she needed to be part of it. But because only one stick was being thrown (most of the time) she decided the best course of action was to steal from Samson. Although Samson thought the best course of action was to hold on tight and not allow her to get it completely. So they just returned to land together.

And then, of course, once on land they had to shake off. Here Emma shows the proper shake procedure. It should be done close to the person with camera equipment.

Between throws and shaking, once they had figured out the whole fetch the stick deal, they would stare at the humans to throw the stick again. Here Samson posed expectantly in the pretty spring flowers.

After getting sopping wet and having a blast playing we got a few more posing photos as we prepared to leave.

Including my favorite shots on top of the picnic bench.

I had a fantastic session with Emma, Samson, and their family. You can't go wrong with a dog (or a pair in Samson and Emma's case!) who loves to swim. And hanging out with golden retrievers reminds you of why they are also known for having a heart of gold because they are the sweetest dogs ever. If you don't include that mischievous side where they trick you to get what they want (water!).

And because it took me so incredibly long to finish their blog post, I have pictures of two of the three canvases they ordered (along with a bunch of prints). I always love getting canvases in. Prints are gorgeous, but canvases, they are just amazing. Plus, when they come in, they have an awesome smell. Similar to getting a new car. Even though I don't get to keep them (obviously), it is always like Christmas when they arrive. In this case, the photos Samson and Emma's family chose for smaller canvases (around a family photo) wouldn't work as a normal wrap around canvas. So we decided to make the borders black and put some words along the border. On the left border we had their names and birth days. On the right side we put their show names. On the top and bottom (which I did not get the best pictures of was the quote "All you need is love and a golden retriever". These photos were taken in my home, not in their final hanging place in Samson and Emma's home.

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