29th December 2014
Well I'm not sure if I'm going to finish all of the blog posts for the sessions I had this year, this year. I still have Molly after T-bone to write about, but who knows? Maybe I'll get it together and give you two blog posts in two days so I can feel successful! But, aside from my slacking, this is a blog post about the lovely T-bone. T-bone is a gorgeous purebred Golden Retriever who was nine and a half years old at the time of our session (so now he's a few months older) and weighs 90 pounds. Which when I was told he weighed 90 pounds, I had my doubts, people exaggerate... His owner did not exaggerate. He really was 90 pounds and huge. He was also a typical golden and very friendly. And water obsessed. When our session started, we had dreams of keeping him dry despite a lake being in the middle of the park, calling his name. We dodged it for the first few photos, but when we neared it again, T-bone made sure we knew he was more than just good looks. There were brains underneath that handsome exterior and he tricked us to get to the water. Once he had gone into the water we gave up and just let T-bone be himself to the fullest. I think we had a fantastic session, and shooting with a wet dog nearly the whole time just made it a lot more entertaining. So with that...

For the first few photos we were pretty far away from the little lake, so T-bone instead played some fetch with his favorite toy. Look at him all dry!

After playing some fetch we started heading back towards the lake so we could get some different backgrounds. For the most part T-bone thought he should stick right next to his owner's side, but we managed to trick him a few times. T-bone has some absolutely gorgeous unique colored eyes that were a golden amber, rather than the typical liquid brown of most goldens.

We then stopped for a pose in front of the lake. I did not realize this would be the last dry photo. Look at his pretty collar though! That was bought new for our session together.

So T-bone did his thing and tricked us to get into the water (we gave him too much leash because he was being good, and then once he was pretty far out, he started heading back to us, once he had slack he darted to the water before we could collect the long line back and stop him). And then suddenly T-bone emerged from the lake in his true form. Wet. I loved this photo because his tongue was hitting him in the face and reminded me of a heart. For his love of water.

And once he had been in the water, we threw up our hands in defeat and just let him have some fun, so he got to play fetch in the water. Here, he was waiting for the ball to be thrown.

With the help of the ball, we did some posing between fetch cycles. We snagged this photo which is my favorite from the session. This bush was the first to get with the program and begin looking like we actually have a fall season. When I came back a week later for Molly's session, the bush had lost nearly all of its leaves.

We also had to get a "from above" shot which turned into more of a "from above and an angle" since T-bone was like "what do you think you are doing? I don't want to stare at your camera, I want to stare at the ball of fun!"

As we walked around the park, we also stopped and convinced T-bone to get up on the picnic bench. Except T-bone kept jumping on and off, and a couple of those times involved re-soaking his coat because he was starting to look semi-dry. We tried getting photos of him without the ball, but then he started barking because, well that was now his ball. Eventually he put the ball down (on his own!) and looked perfect for about 5 seconds. Then he determined (correctly) that I had gotten the shot I wanted, and it was time to move on!

OBLIGATORY SHAKE SHOT! It took a couple of tries to get a decent one, but T-bone was more than happy to keep trying for me since it meant he kept getting to go in the water.

And we finish this blog post off with one final photo of T-bone. I don't have anything witty to say, so just enjoy it. :)

Since I missed posting anything for Christmas, hopefully you all had a terrific merry Christmas!

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