15th September 2015
Well! I've been gone quite a while. I haven't really been "gone." I've had some sessions, but I lost the drive to continue making blog posts and posting on Facebook and what have you. On top of losing the drive to want to post anything, someone dumped out a dog at my friend's house, and I ended up taking him in. That's a story for another post though. We'll continue on with this "lack of drive" of mine. The main problem was that Facebook has severely cut back on how many people see a post from a liked page in order to force businesses and other pages into purchasing advertising. I don't want to purchase advertising (mainly on principle) because I've already convinced you guys I'm pretty awesome and you want to see my photography. I don't feel I should have to pay to reach the same people again (new people is different).

SO! To combat that, Memphis Mutts Pet Photography has extended our social media reach. We were, of course, already on Facebook. That link will take you directly to the page, but if you want to search, it is Memphis Mutts Pet Photography. We are also now on Twitter (@MemphisMutts) which will be a struggle for my rambling side. And we are also on Instagram (@memphismuttspetphotography). One of the reasons I never joined Instagram was I wasn't a fan of the fact I would be forced to crop all photos to a square. Luckily, right when I sucked it up and joined, Instagram started offering other formats for photos! So that makes me quite happy. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram because they are basically devoid of followers, and really quite sad. Like bust out my tiny violin sad.

BUT ENOUGH OF ALL THAT SELF PITY. Self-pity is not the name of this blog post, the title clearly says "Yankee" which is whom this blog post is about. Yankee is an awesome golden doodle I photographed ALL the way back in April (which shows you how far behind I am). We had an Ultra Session. And it was spectacular if I do say so myself. We got a lot of fantastic photos, and I think we had a blast (or at least I did). So without further ado,


Since Yankee had the Ultra Session, I met him at his home first. We went outside for a few shots just so the camera wouldn't startle him (it didn't at all, but it was just in case) and let him play around in the backyard while he got used to being a model for the next few hours.

It was quite hot (and Yankee was still sporting his winter coat so it was even hotter for him). His mom had a list of photos she wanted to get while we were home, many of which were inside. Typical Yankee things. One of those was him staring out the front door. To get this photo we had to send his mom to go stand outside out of sight. :)

Another was of him lying on the window sill looking outside into the backyard. His mom had to go outside for this one too.

With it being so hot, and the fact Yankee was also hot due to playing about ten minutes earlier, it was a struggle to get photos of him not panting. I managed to "luck" out and kept getting him the moment he would close his mouth for a moment.

After managing to get all the photos on the "inside the house" list we went back outside for a few more shots since Yankee had had a chance to cool down. One of which was of Yankee's adorable lamb like feet. Minus the hooves

Another was a close up of his eye.

We also got a photo of his fur before he got wet. He has the most adorable curls!

We then headed to the Shelby Farms Dog Park. A place where Yankee and his mom spend a lot of time enjoying themselves. You should be sure to enjoy this last photo of Yankee the little lamb, because from here on out he is Yankee the water lover.

As promised! He's all wet. Here he's looking back at his mom wanting her to throw his toy again.

Yankee is also really smart. When we were at the house, his mom was showing me all of the tricks he can do (which are outside of normal tricks, one was weaving through her legs). Another cool thing he does is play a version of the hot and cold game. Except with the word yes or no. Yes meaning he's getting closer, and no meaning he's getting further away. And he was good at it. It helps his mom not have to go into the scrub and muck to retrieve his toy when he loses it. Here he was in the middle of searching for it when it got lost in the grass (from his point of view, we could see it as tall humans).

I don't think there are too many photographers that encourage their subject to go play in the mud. But it was on the list of things to get. Yankee was happy to oblige.

After getting Yankee all muddy, he got to go play in the water some more. The next photos are a series. Yankee likes to go out into the pond and play with his ball. He hits it with his feet and bobs for it.

I'm pretty sure Yankee would have been content to sit in the water and bob for ball for the next few hours, but alas, we had more goals to reach! So he got one more throw of the ball for him to chase, and we were off again.

After all the photos of him being himself, it was time for a little bit of posing.


Posing is hard work! Even if you get paid in treats, you still need to take a break to swim, and then shake off that water right next to the person with really expensive camera gear (always, every dog ever).

Yankee says he's not just adorable playing in the water with his ball, he's also super fun playing on land.

While up to this point, I had had a blast taking photos of Yankee and getting wonderful photos, the next photo is when the session turned into one of my favorites. The light was on its way to spectacular while we continued on with the list of photos.

As the light started to move into "golden hour" Yankee pretended he was going to a DockDog event and leaped off the shore with some encouragement.

Another pose. But the grasses behind matched his coat!

Another up close photo of his fur. The water certainly tightened those curls!

And then golden hour was upon us in all of its gloriousness. BEHOLD. GOLDEN YANKEE DOODLE DANDY.

I also couldn't resist getting a photo of him over the gravel.

And over the luscious spring grass.

At that point, I said we were done and we headed back to our cars. But I was a liar. As I turned around I saw an opportunity for a silhouette photo (which can be pretty difficult because you have to be over the horizon).

Yankee showing off his "kiss" trick was adorable and absolute perfection.

And of course, I couldn't resist a photo of Yankee having some grass picked out his beard. If you have ever lived with a scruffy dog, you know this is constant.

Again I thought we were done, and again I was wrong because Yankee stared out over the water wanting to go for a final swim as it perfectly reflected the setting sun's colors.

My last photo makes me happy because it was nice that after a multiple hour photo session, Yankee was still happy! Which is always my goal. The dog should have a blast in the process.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking through some of the photos from Yankee's session as much as I enjoyed taking them (which was a lot). And hopefully, I'll be better about updating my social media. No promises though. ;)

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